My Training in Oral Myofunctional Disorders

Mouth Model

Over the last 4 months I have taken about 20 hours of continuing education in oral myofunctional disorders / Oromyofunctional Therapy (OMT). Today I completed the two day TOTS Training ®️ (Tethered Oral Tissue). For those of you who have not heard about OMT, one of the goals is to help our clients keep or establish good oral resting posture. When we are not eating, swallowing, chewing, talking the tip and front part of our tongue should be resting on “the spot” (the bumpy spot behind your upper front teeth), our teeth are barely apart, lips lightly closed and breathing through our nose. This resting posture is important especially as children’s oral structure is developing (i.e., jaw, palate, nasal cavity, dentition). Ever heard of someone having a “tongue thrust” or “frontal lisp”? This is when the tongue protrudes forward between the teeth when speaking. When a child has poor oral resting posture they could develop a “tongue thrust” (frontal lisp). Contact Leanne at if you have questions about OMT.