We have availability for speech clients who are interested in teletherapy or in-person visits. 

Speech and Language Therapy:

We provide assessment and therapy for the following:

  • Articulation Therapy / Phonological Processing
  • Receptive and Expressive Language Disorders
  • ¬†Pragmatics and Social Skills
  • Dysfluency (Stuttering)
  • Oral Facial Myofunctional Disorders

Getting Started

  • Consultation over the phone (free)
  • Complete forms (Agreement, intake form, case history)
  • Schedule an evaluation
  • Following the evaluation you will be provided recommendations for goals and the amount of services

Please contact us for a 15 minute free consultation.

P: 903-480-0130

FAQs – 
  • Do you accept insurance? At this time we do not accept insurance.
  • Do you provide services to adults? We provide oral facial my-functional therapy and stuttering therapy to adults.¬†
  • Does my child have to be evaluated? An evaluation needs to be completed before treatment can begin. If your child has been evaluated by another speech language pathologist within the past 12 months, then the report will need to be reviewed to determine if further testing is needed. If the previous evaluation includes current assessments and enough information, then it is possible that a new evaluation will not be necessary. 
  • Where do you provide speech therapy? We provide therapy in the child’s home, daycare, preschool, or private school. 
  • How far will you travel to provide services? Our speech language pathologists provide services in the Longview, Hallsville and Marshall areas.¬†