Ocean Life Theme Part 1

I always try to make speech therapy fun, but in the summertime I really try to turn the fun up a notch! One of my favorite themes is Ocean Life. This video is part 1 and shows some of the materials I use to target speech and language goals. Hope this gives you some ideas!

Ways that American English speakers say the “T” sound

The “t” can be pronounced various ways, depending on it position in the word and the sounds that surround it. Watch this video to find out about the held t, silent t, fast d.

A few ways Americans say the “t” sound. Session that I’m planning to do with my accent modification clients this week.

Posted by Dynamic Speech Solutions LLC on Sunday, March 18, 2018



Elevator Speech

For some of my clients who attend my accent modification program, we focus on practicing their “elevator speech”. We practice it during their session, record it, then I give them feedback about it. Watch this video to learn more about the length of time it should take, what you should say, and when you might be using an elevator speech.  If you guessed that it is only used in an elevator, then you should probably take a look at the video. I hope this helps!


Using Questions2Learn in Speech Therapy

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The previous video about Questions2Learn showed you how to customize a question category. This video shows you how I use Questions2Learn with one of my awesome clients. You may notice I use visual supports to teach the different question types and auditory and visual prompts to help him answer the questions correctly. Using Level 2 helps him have choices to help him come up with the answer. He is then asked the question again to work on saying the answer. Please email me, if you have any questions at slp@dynamicspeechllc.com. Thanks! Leanne

Buggy Speech Therapy

Although we have had a slightly cooler Spring here in College Station, this has not kept the bugs from making their way onto our sidewalks, outside lawn furniture, and gardens. This is the time of year when I love to bring nature into the speech therapy session! A few weeks ago, my therapy plan included a bug catcher, fake bugs (I am not a big fan of real ones.), nets, butterflies, Elefun game, and interactive books. For one student who is working on the “w” sound, we let our bugs go swimming to work on the word “water”. There are many goals that can be targeted when working with bugs and Spring vocabulary.

Taking the bugs out of the bug container.
The bugs are going for a swim! Targeting “w” in “water”.


Interactive book- Going on a Spring Walk
Collection of bugs – A fun way to learn about attributes/describing: size, color, crawl/flies/jumps
Such a fun game! We practiced core words: mine, got it, look, catch, in. Then you can count the butterflies and sort them by color.
Interactive book that I sing while reading it. Targets spatial concept “on” and saying short phrases or sentences.
Interactive Book – Going on a Spring Walk