Dynamic Speech Solutions LLC specializes in speech and language therapy for children and accent modification training to non-native English speaking adults in the Bryan / College Station area. Leanne Pool, owner and speech language pathologist is dedicated to helping people improve communication skills.

What makes us different?

We offer more than just direct speech therapy and accent modification training. In addition to quality therapy, we offer materials (i.e., homework), work with you to create materials (i.e., picture books, word lists, audio recordings) to help improve communication, send followup audio recordings/videos/tips for faster progress and generalization of skills. For accent modification clients we encourage you to email audio recordings of you rehearsing presentations, class lectures/power point slides which can be reviewed before your lesson so that the lesson can focus more on providing you with feedback. Speech therapy lessons are creatively planned to fit your child’s individual needs and motivate your child! Speech therapy services are provided in the child’s home or school setting. Accent modification training is provided at the client’s workplace or in the community.

Please contact us for a 15 minute free consultation.

P: 903-480-0130
E: slp@dynamicspeechllc.com


Clear Speech

If you have received accent modification training or you want to know how your speech can be better understood, then you may be interested in using clear speech. I have taught my clients rules about word stress and intonation. These rules are very important, but when you’re in a stressful moment, such as speaking in …